Hello all. Hope this finds you all well.

I’m writing this in regards to a comment I had made to me the other day about my style of Eating Keto-Paleo. Quite often when I’m out and about living MY life someone will feel the need to chime in and offer their unsolicited opinion. It usually starts with someone offering me some type of junk food, cake, treats, pizza etc. I always very politely decline. Then the next response is usually in the form of “Life is short and you only live once” Here is where I whole heartedly agree. That’s exactly why I choose to eat the way I do. I love being active. I love being healthy, I love that my belly no longer sits in my lap like a pumpkin. I’ve had that food before, I’ll have it again I just don’t make an excuse to eat it every single get together I’m at. Anymore in this country it seems like there is a justifiable excuse to eat junk or drink Alcohol. Why don’t we celebrate by offering healthy foods? Are we that influenced by marketing? Is it that big of an addiction? Both? Association and or ritual?

Please be kind to someone who is trying to make a positive change in their lives. The truth is they want those treats, and they probably want them really bad. Every day is a battle and they probably don’t need your help making and excuse to fall off the band wagon.


What I say to myself when I’m faced with adversity