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In order to achieve optimal performance you must first achieve optimal health. Let Jamie help you set up a eating plan to optimize your performance. Offering food and supplements to dial in your performance and achieve your goals.

Optimal Health

Let Jamie help guide you on your journey to achieve “optimal health with” a naturally human diet. Many have reversed some of their chronic ailments and alleviated symptoms that they may or may not have had for years.

Weight Loss

Take it to the next level with a sustainable way of eating. Paleo or natural human diets are not fad diets. They are the original diet. It’s what we ate during our evolution of 2.5million years on this planet. Only makes sense to start at the beginning.

Satisfied Customers

The first time I gave ketosis a try was my second year of college. I was still in the dorms, but I was so sick of injury after injury in the gym, I didn’t care what I had to do in order to get better. My heaviest weigh-in was a fluffy 225. Within four weeks of keto with ONLY dorm food available, i dropped 20 pounds, my elbow tendonitis significantly decreased, and my numbers on the squat, bench, and deadlft stayed the same. I had a pretty bad carb fog about two weeks into it, but it only lasted a few days. The second time I tried it, I took a more paleo-minded approach. I ate significantly more green vegetables, more saturated fats and more sodium. My weight loss was pretty similar to that of the first time I tried ketosis, without the carb fog. If someone is looking for a nutritional solution to a problem they have with joints, blood work, or lean body mass, then ketosis is the optimal option.

Thomas Bryant

Exercise Science and Minoring in Nutrition, Central Michigan University

My Paleo Experience: These are the things that happened to me when i started eating the Paleo way: I had an abundance of energy, felt physically better than I ever had, weight loss, mental clarity, optimal blood work results, increased HDL, decreased LDL, the best triglyceride level my doctor had ever seen (22)., these are just a few of the benefits from eating this way. Paleo is a lifestyle that renders nothing but positive results, you will feel better than you have in a very long time. Give it a try, I dare ya!

Tammy Olson-Poling

The maintenance of a ketogenic diet while adhering to paleothilic guidelines was introduced to me by Jamie Caporosso just over a year ago. With this diet I personally have had tremendous success in achieving optimal health as well as improving many other aspects of my life. Most importantly for me, I am able to manage my ADHD without medication. These results would not have been obtainable without the help and guidance from Jamie. He fully understands Keto-Paleo mechanisms and is able to transmit important information that was crucial for my success in a very effective and efficient manner. His knowledge of the physiology and the pathways that constitute this diet are immense and this ensures success for anyone who wishes to follow the keto-paleo lifestyle under his guidance. I fully endorse this lifestyle and strongly recommended anyone wishing to try it to seek assistance from Jamie as his expertise is crucial for success. 

John Childers

B.S. Human Physiology, Michigan State University

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