I have been in nutritional ketosis for the last 17 weeks.
My diet is around 80% fat, 18% protein and 3%carbs
I have never felt or looked better!

I am a competitive powerlifter that has also added CrossFit into my training. My recovery is so good while being in ketosis that with the major increase in volume i’ve added to my training, it has not effected my strength one bit. In fact, I am getting stronger by the week while getting leaner.
I train 6-7 days a week, and 3 days out of the week I am getting in 2 workouts.

I will do a separate update at the 24 week mark on about how my body has changed along with update pictures. I’ve been taking weekly progress pics, and am very pleased with my physique thus far.  

My only carb source I am eating is either 2 cups of broccoli or around 20 stalks of asparagus. Which ever I choose it’s broke up between 2 meals, of course they are either covered in butter or baked in olive oil. Lately I have been eating home made meatballs cooked in olive oil, then before I re-heat them (I make 3lbs at a time) I drizzle around a TBSP of either olive oil or walnut oil on them. Then I also eat eggs cooked in coconut oil for breakfast and also my meal before bed.

Check out these videos from my training this week. I realize these numbers aren’t outstanding, but the point is to show that they are personal bests for me and that i am able to get stronger while in ketosis.

My 505 squat!!

This is me deadlifting 275lbs for 10 reps with just a belt:

Here I am with a 145lb clean and jerk:

If you want to know more science about ketogenic diets you can read our blog post Stop Carb Loading, Theres a Better Way. If you want help setting up ketogenic diet you can contact via the email below.
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