Chasing Ketones

& establishing the ketogenic index

Chasing Ketones! Is it necessary? Is it worth the effort? Why would you want to? Why Bother? What’s the best way to do it?

Although this post may not answer all those questions, it may in fact raise more.  What I was curious to see is if ingesting different forms of oils (coconut, mct, olive) as well as exogenous ketones would actually make a difference in my levels of Blood Sugar, blood level ketones Betahydroxybuterate and breath level Acetone. Interesting is what I found!

So what we did at Keto Paleo labs (aka me) did was water fast for 24hrs or a little more. Still worked out and trained on those days. Took some readings: Empty stomach, take dosage, take reading at 20 minutess then reading at 1 hour.

Let’s take a look at the data, (*this is what “I” found and it may be different for you)


Establishing the Ketogenic Index

As you can see that nothing really gave me a big increase at all except maybe good ol’ Olive Oil.

Now there are some important notes to make here that I think may have effected the sugar and ketone readings. I worked out hard the night before my readings all 4 times. Liver may have dumped it’s glucose and left me a little higher than normal than the days I don’t train. But, that’s rare, I always train/workout.

On the days I’d start the experiment, I’d pretty much wake up, test, take dosage, sit and my desk and work for that hour pretty sedentary. My thoughts were low acetone as I wasn’t burning much fat as I wasn’t moving so I didn’t need the energy. BHOB was low for the same reason and the doses I took was not high enough to show at a blood level.

My bigger point would be before you go chasing Ketones, ask yourself first of all… Why? I never really put much effort behind it. I eat very low carb under 10g/day, sometimes over eat protein so I’d imagine I’m in and out of ketosis or borderline most of the time by *”Current Definition”  because of Gluconeogenisis *I say “current definition” as I listened to a seminar/podcast by Peter Volek where he said they didn’t know for sure if keeping on the edge or in for hours at time held any more or less benefit than being all the way in and high elevated was much of an advantage. .5 to 5 mmol was just that, a range. but… I feel better, my body composition is great. (I think) I get stronger, proven year after year on the Powerlifting Platform, the metabolic conditioning that I do in my CrossFit workouts is great. (I keep up and sometimes pass the 20 somethings regularly, I’m 43)

I also often question when we try to circumvent certain pathways by adding something to create what seems to be what our goal is. What other elements of that process are we side stepping? If I add exogenous ketones verse my body following the normal pathway. What am I not making? Is there another essential element to that process that may or may not be on the radar? Similar to taking Vitamin D orally. There are up 13 other photo nutrients your body makes for that process of the sun and our skin.

There may be therapeutic levels of Ketones that may need to be reached for some individuals with metabolic health conditions and that I think is yet to be solidified. Also taking readings when you are trying to trouble shoot issues you may be having loosing weight etc.  But if you are achieving your goals, let your body do it’s job and utilize this very natural metabolic pathway to make you lead a Happy Healthy Life.

If anyone has suggestions on other things to test, try differently or ideas. What I’d like to do with the data Is establish a ketogenic index much like they glycemic index.

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