Quite often I get asked how did I end up where I’m at today. How did I make the transformation, how did I do it. Why did I decide to merge at Ketogenic Diet with a Hunter Gatherer shopping list? If you have ever heard me speak, you get an intro of how the evolution tubby Jamie transformed himself from a unhealthy lumbersome powerlifter into a healthy individual with great blood pressure, blood work and very lean body composition. I was able to get healthier, leaner and stronger.


2007, and 250#’s

(So to give you the Cliffnotes version) So around 2007 I was making an effort to get healthier. A good friend of mine suggested a book called NeanderThin. The book got the wheels turning. I went on to read more and more The Protein Power Lifeplan, The Paleo Solution, Good Calories, Bad Calories , The Primal Blueprint , The Paleo Answer  and many more!

I was really convinced that the Paleo Diet and or a Natural Human Diet was the way to go. After trying it for a few months, which I was a really slow lean in. I started dropping weight, feeling better and getting stronger. I was in seventh heaven, feeling good and getting stronger.

Add the Keto variable. So with being very successful increasing my overall health and performance. I started reading more and more about low carb diets and discovered the work by Volek and Phinney. I read The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance and decided to give it a try. But… I could not give up on what I had already learned about the Hunter Gatherer diets. The host of anti-nutrients, saponins, lectins, phytates,  trouble with Dairy, casein proteins, IGF etc. So…


What to do?

It only made sense, I had to merge them both.



207# & Holding Steady

What I was left with is diet that made me even lighter, leaner, stronger, healthier (HDL increased for one) and could recover even faster. The Keto-Paleo diet was born!That in a nutshell is how I ended up where I am at today.

Please read through some of my other blog posts to learn some more of what I had discovered along the way.