After have been being involved with CrossFit, coaching and doing, for a while I’ve come to a conclusion that there a hand full of things that are really nice to have handy while doing Crossfit.

6. Wrist wraps.
This may be more important in the beginning as you may not have a lot of wrist strength or maybe it hurts like hell to put the bar in the front rack position as you have not developed your mobility yet. Around 18-24 inches is fine.

5. You’re own jump rope. Quite often than not you have to jump rope in CrossFit. What a pain in the a$$ to have weed through a hanging rats nest of ropes on the wall to hopefully find one the length that suits you. Jumping rope is hard enough then some one assigns double under and you start nit picking length quality etc. Just get your own. They are cheap enough and you will know it’s the correct length, not kinked etc.

4. Voodoo Floss or compression bands. Made really popular by Kelly Starrett and Mobility WOD. This is another must. Especially when breaking into the sport.  You will find out that your body is not used to functional movement at high intensity as much as you think it is. I suggest getting this and start watching some videos on Your Tube or That or you will end up investing a small fortune in Deep tissue massage therapist.

3. Gymnastics Grips. Doing a “few” Pull Ups here and there is fine. But the day your angel soft hands gets assigned something with a WOD where you have to turn out 150+ of those bastards in 16 minutes with heaven forbid some Toe-2-Bars. You will chew the flesh from bone on your hands. Get them!

2. This is a great tool for anyone building up callus on their hands from barbell movements or gymnastics. Callus razors! Knock those babies down before they rip off.

1. I absolutely insist you get these f#@&ing things. Jump Boxes will eat the flesh from your bones. Not maybe either….eventually. It’s like jumping over a pool of piranhas, you get a little tired, slip, miss. Boom! bye bye skin, Hello agonizing pain. These also great for deadlifting and rope climbs so get some. At the very minimum wear Tall Sox. Maybe both if you can.

Good luck!

If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] and i’d be happy to answer your questions in an upcoming post!