One of the things that Darilyn Doddy (Contributing writer, world class powerlifter and Keto-paleo athelete) and I were very guilty of in the past is poor use of nutrient timing or really none at all. We were really not thinking in the best interest of our bodies. Basically hammering it with junk while expecting top performance. Now I’m not saying the following isn’t… or wasn’t fun. I’m just saying it may not have your body’s best interest in mind and you may have never thought of it that way before.


When I first started getting serious about lifting I was in awe of some of the larger guys and just loved the concept of GFH mentality. (Get Fucking Huge) The idea of this diet basically the old joke of the SEEFOODDIET. See food and Eat it. You could eat as much as you wanted and what ever you wanted. Where this failed to make sense was that most of us were eating what ever the hell we wanted and that being junk food. No nutritional value and usually keeping our insulin levels elevate causing all kinds of perpetual inflammation. Just packing the visceral fat in and around our organs making the ultimate squat and bench belly leading to more inflammation.  TAKE THAT BODY!


Another phase we went through was eat clean up until weigh in’s. This was probably the worst thing we could have possibly done. Especially lifting federations that offer the 24hr weigh in. Go low carb to keep weight down and keep protein up to maintain muscle and then right after hit the buffet, eat all the shit food you could possibly find. Wake up the next morning bloated and looking like you have Asian eyes because all the water comes flooding back in. Making you feel like shit on the platform. This is usually followed by tons of gluttony after the meet. TAKE THAT BODY!

keto-paleo, ketopaleo

Typical Reward?


The next phase was keep clean eating and fuel all through training. Make it through weigh ins, compete, and have the best meet of our lives, PR’s ta boot. Then!!!! Blast it with enough booze to equal that of chemotherapy, candy, cakes whatever treats you could find. TAKE THAT BODY!


Now take half a step back and look at what you did. You just gave your body all the best of the best nutrition and rest for the last 12 or more weeks, all through your hard training to a perform at peak performance on “your” special day. Asked it to push every boundary! It does this for you and you blast it with nothing but crap for 24hrs after it does this for you. You don’t even let it recover before you blast it with toxic garbage. Why? Cause you feel you “Deserve it” or the reality may even be that your taste buds are calling the shots and the rest of you body doesn’t want a thing to do with that crap food.


Imagine if that’s how they treated you at your job! You’d probably quit. Well better hope that doesn’t happen. LOL

keto-paleo, ketopaleo

Refuel and Repair!