Keto Protein Shake

I have been lifting and training for a long, long time. One of the staples of that lifestyle has always been protein drinks, shakers cups and gagging. When I started out in the weight lifting world and protein shakes were new drinking them was like choking down a sand castle with a little bit of water mixed in. The only way you could get them to tasted half way decent was if you put them in a blender with ice cream. Honestly you were still giving it a pass based on the fact YOU THOUGHT  you were doing something healthy. Fast forward to 2016 and thank God the technology has improved and most manufacturers put out a good product.

Well the idea of working out, new years resolutions and getting in shape kind of goes hand in with what can I eat or drink for convenience before, after, whenever to help with my goals. Right off the bat I like to say REAL food as often as possible but I also realize not everyone is taking it to my level and people like convenience.

Most of the drinks on the market are low carb and high in protein which doesn’t lend itself to something optimal for a ketogenic diet. (not enough fat) Well with a little modification you can solve that problem.

keto protein shake


1 scoop Protein Powder

3 scoops of MCT OIL Powder

Dash of cinnamon

10 ounces of water (This is to get the consistency that I like. You can adjust for yourself)


Blend for a few seconds and enjoy.

Now if you like to do the old fashioned Shaker Cup. What I suggest is add the water to your shaker cup. Then add the ingredients. Add a few ice cubes. This will chill it as well as help mix the powders together when you shake the cup. Another options is mix it up the night before and put it in the fridge so when you wake up early you can reach in and grab it and go and it’s nice and cold. Which adds to the taste.

This gets a 5 star for the Keto Diet.

Keto Protein Shake Ratios

For Paleo it falls low on the 50 Shades of Paleo Scale. Lots of processed items here.

But, low carb so keeps you in ketosis as well as under 30 grams (21g) of protein which won’t invoke for many gluconeogenesis.