Today I am going to talk about being successful on those pesky diet de-railers called vacations and maintaining a state of nutritional ketosis.

Ok, so it happens, well hopefully it happens, you get to go on vacation. But… you just started down the path of weight loss and or optimal health or both and you run smack dab into that vacation and your goals are far from being met. Not to mention you have fought and clawed for every inch, pound or gain and now you really don’t want to throw it all a way on that long weekend or weekend trip to the beach. Some of us could easily gain all back in one weekend what took us 3 or more months to get to. Yeah, it sux I know. But for some of us that’s just how it is.

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Keto at the Beach

So here are some things I did, maybe not perfect, but left me a lot better off. So obviously it is really easy to justify a break in these situations and many of your friends or family will be right there with you and supporting it. “Oh, you’ve worked so hard and look so good. Go ahead have a little.” or something similar. The truth may be you have a little more or a lot more to go and you really don’t want to let it all unravel.

Ok, so I’m at the beach. 1st off this would be a great opportunity to do a 24hr fast. Trapped at the beach, nothing to eat, might as well. I know, I know. That sux. you are on vacations. Well like any other day being prepared is half the battle. If you can remember to throw some waters and a couple of your favorite keto snacks in the cooler you will be a lot farther ahead.

So in a recent situation I found myself in was at Ft. Myers beach in Florida. It got to be about that time and everyone was hungry (me too) So we wondered over to the Beach bar and proceeded to belly up and order lunch. This was your equivalent or your traditional Greasy Spoon. Most often these places have that greasy big burger! Great, Good! There is your opportunity! I order up the big Nemo Burger with Bacon and Egg hold the bun, no fries… as a matter of fact can you bring me some lettuce to wrap it in? Socially you are at lunch with everyone partaking in the festivities.

Dinners and breakfasts were easy. Lots of seafood. I ask for some olive oil to put on my salad and add a little extra fat to the fish or seafood. If you are Paleo cheating a little (I may have, lol)  dip everything in melted butter and enjoy the FAT!… and your vacation.