So, is your gut in inhibiing your recovery? Most would say NO!, now, inhibiting the abilitly to tie their shoes is a different story.  Some say they need the extra weight for the power/leverage. But is that true? Recently read this in Stephen Phinney’s book. “From a functional perspective, body fat is not involved in force production and there fore decreasing body fat does not adversely affect strength or power production” So if you cant’ flex it… it’s worthless for generating power. Even worse it is slowing down your bodies natural ability to recover? 
    To know the answer to this we are going to have to take a look at what is actually causing this distention of the gut. Quite often you see powerlifters, strongmen comepetitors etc with these huge protrutions in there mid section. The unique thing about this is that it would seem appear solid as a rock. You might even see some ab out lines. Why is this? The answer is Viseral Fat pushing out from the inside. This is different from Subcutaneous fat that is under you sking. Viseral Fat is fat packed in around your ogans. You body sees this more or less like a huge sliver in your body. It reacts to it with inflamation.  

“One of the more sinister things VAT (fat packed in around your organs) does is to activate the enzyme IIβ-hydrozysterios dehydrogenase (IIβHSD). The IIβHSD stimulates the production of cotrisol from its inactive precursor cortisone. As the amount of cortisol increases it promotes the storage of even more VAT. A consequence of accumulating VAT is that it begins to interfere with the way the body deals with blood sugar, causing glucose intolerance and even type II diabetes, it works its mischief on one level by increasing the release of fat directly into the liver (the blood vessels form the fat in the abdominal area drain into the liver), which causes the liver to develop insulin resistance, which in turn drives the liver to produce more fat itself. In a nutshell, an accumulation of VAT can lead to elevate insulin, insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, high blood pressure, elevate triglycerides (fat in the blood), and a pro-inflammatory state. It can also cause the blood to become “sticky” and more prone to clot, which is bad news for the coronary arteries. This Bad news doesn’t even include how unsightly VAT appears in the form of a giant protruding Belly!” [6 week Cure, Dr. Michael Eades. pg50.]