Is dairy slowing your workouts down?

If you have not figured out from the title of this blog “Keto Paleo” I practice a Paleofied version of a ketogenic diet. What does that mean? I use a hunter-gatherer shopping list while keeping my macronutrients at ~5% Carbohydrate, 25-35% Protein, and 60-70% Fat.

One of the most positive effects I experienced when I transitioned to a Paleo Diet was that the Asthma I suffered with for years subsided. This was at age 36. I was one of those guys who always had my inhaler with me and suffered quite often from attacks when I would try to exercise or when it was a really damp/humid day.

When I’m on the Keto Paleo diet I dont’ always stay on the straight and narrow. I wish I could say that I’m 100% the whole time. When I tend to fall off the wagon a little I will only cheat with treats that do not knock me out of ketosis. That fall back treat is usually some type of Processed food like Creams, Cheese, or heavy on the Butter.  In reality, those are processed foods. Something we didn’t have in our evolutionary template.

Dairy Processed Foods

One of the biggest things I notice if I am treating myself to often is a drop in performance and I hold more fluid under neath my skin making me look slightly bloated. Most of all I don’t seem to have as much wind as possible during my cardio or Met-con style of training.

(1)(2)One new hypothesis by Drs. Bartley and McGlasha, they believe the answer may be from bioactive peptides , casomorphins, that are formed from the human digestive tract from milk proteins. These casomorphins, in particular beta-casomorphin 7 can enter our blood stream Via a Leakey gut, (which most Americans suffer from via grains, potatoes, beans, chia, quinoa…etc. ) and travel to the lungs and causes a mucus production from MUC5AC. MuC5AC are glands in the lungs and respiratory tract that produce mucas. This is more likely if you already have some inflammation or have Asthma. This extra mucas production will make it hard for you to breath and get the oxygen that you need.

Could you be suffering from this as well? You could try dropping dairy for 6 months and give it a try.


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(2)The Paleo Answer: 7 Days to Lose Weight, Feel Great, Stay Young