(Click on Image for Video. Includes my DL 10x405lbs)

They say it’s not true, I say it is. This is my second round with  playing with a nutritional ketosis diet. Of course I’m making it a little more challenging by using the Paleo guidelines. The first time was prepping for WPC World’s Nov 9th 2012 in Las Vegas. 12 weeks of nutritional Ketosis.

The point of this post is just a little update on things I have tried differently. This time I have added a lot of extra work. This was to test the unlimited energy supply and recovery while being in Nutritional Ketosis (NK). Last time preparing for worlds I was getting leaner and stronger. I actually had some cardio in my routine, meaning I’d run hill sprints like 2-3 times a week. (See the Road to WPC’s In Vegas 2012 for weekly log) I was getting really lean, but I stopped cardio because my theory was it was way more diet than the cardio that was leaning me out. It was true look at some of the pictures. OK, Big Surprise we all know about 85% of fat loss is a result of what passes into your grocery hole.

This time around I have increased the work load exponentially. In addition to my normal powerlifting training, I joined a crossfit box in Brighton and have subjected my self to that killer regimen at least 4 times a week and included some 30 minute Monostructural Metabolic Conditioning. (steady pace running, elliptical etc. ) I even went as far as signing up for a 5K. In addition I have been working on my Deadlift Volume. This I do on Tuesdays. Every Tuesdsay I have been increasing my volume 1-2 reps for pr’s. My most surprising pr was on the Tuesday after the 5k. Increased reps on my DL’s and my GM’s. (current PR as of this post was the 10×405)No soreness the day after the 5k. I AM NO RUNNER!

A little more background on the running. I actually had only run 3.1 straight thru, with no breaks, for the first time the Sat before on a treadmill. 32:34. A week later on St Paddy’s Day in Bay City, Mi was the race. It was freezing, 30 something degrees, 6 degrees with the wind chill. Smashed my previous 29:20.

Also, getting bigger! I increased my Fat intake this time around. I’m growing while Staying lean. I’m up to about 214-216. I weight in at worlds I think 209. I would guess i’m around 8-9% body fat.

So what’s the significance? What’s the big deal. Well some things to point out. I’m not getting faster, stronger and leaner cause I’m on drugs. I’m Lifetime Drug free. Not supplementing with HRT.  I’m 40. No spring chicken. I’m not new to the game. Not like I’m in some type newbie in a honeymoon phase. I’ve added a ton of extra work. That should be beating the shit out of me. Max lifts took a little dip in the beginning but they are back on the rise. I had to dial in my programming. I’ll keep you updated on that as it develops cause I know you are interested and that’s a whole nother post if not multiple.

Stay tuned for more posts on this. I’m going to try and stay in NK until my birthday , Oct 31st,  as well as continue to improve in Crossfit and powerlifting.

If you have any questions please email us at and we’d be happy to answer your questions in an upcoming post!