The best of both worlds…. you can have it, if you’re strategic.

Most sports have a big finally at the end of the year/season. An example might be the superbowl in football. In powerlifting it’s usually referred to Worlds sometimes Nationals depending on the federation and its size. (Theres 52 of the MotherF#ckers and….never mind off topic) This is where all the competitors from all over the world get together to compete against each other.

Location for worlds! (This is a little pet peeve of mine.) Who comes up with these places? How could you possibly miss the boat so bad on this one? This is essentially important when you are trying to grow interest or create a draw in your Event or Federation. This may actually be the reason someone starts or continues to lifting your federation if you continually pick obtainable and cool destinations for your “Big Competition”. It can’t just be who’s willing to host it.

 Imagine a working class guy is trying to convince the rest of his family that they or he should go on this adventure so he can compete. So he tries to pull the whole “let’s make it a family vacation” ploy. To Zimbabwe! Not an easy sell. Not to mention he really doesn’t want to spend $1,200.00 on a ticket plus hotel etc etc to go to this shit hole. Now roll that back. Telling them that Worlds is at Major Vacation Destination, or big city with lots of direct flights… Vegas, Disney or a beach town in Cancun, French Riveria, Paris, Tokyo, Rio or Rome. Odds are there is a vacation package that will get you there a lot cheaper too and you might actually have on your Bucket List to see one of these places anyway.

I think it would also appeal to an audience or may even provide an audience. Who the hell picks these God forsaken spots? Here’s a clue. If it’s not in the Travel Guide, DON’T FUCKING PICK IT! These people are spending thousands of dollars to get to these places no one has ever heard of. Might as well combine world competitions with places people actually go.  It’s easy enough to Google top ten vacations spots in the world.

For most people, at this point, powerlifting is a hobby at best. Pro-level may be as much as getting free protein and some bench shirts. Send them someplace with a view or that their family might like to tag along or the audience may want to go (or at least heard of). Not where Human Trafficking is their leading export.






2011 Wpc’s




2012 WPC’s




2012 10th NAPF North American Rgnl PL Chmps

 Cayman Islands



7th,NAPF Caribbean PL Champ

Dorado, Puerto Rico



2012 WABDL Worlds




2013 USAPL Raw/Unequipped Nat PL Chmp

Orlando, FL



2012 IPF Bench Worlds

Plzen, Czech Republic



Please keep in mind, that the spirit of this article is NOT anti Europe, Asia, South America etc for location. The spirit of the post is that you could be strategic and have the best of both worlds. Cheaper vacation package, appealing locations, and get to compete in a world meet.

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