What is all the hype with this Paleo lifestyle, you ask? Well there should be no real hype at all considering this is the worlds oldest diet known to man-kind. ‘Paleo’ short for Paleolithic is an era that began 2 million years ago and lasted up until 10,000 years ago. Humans during that time evolved to live off the land (it was their only choice, there were no Mcdonald drive thru’s back then). Their diets consisted of meat, vegetables,fruit,nuts and seeds. Which is far from the Standard American Diet (SAD) we know today. Entering the Neolithic era, when we left our hunter gatherer lifestyle and entered the world of farming,is the time we (anthropologists) started seeing many diseases develop that never even existed in prior eras. Some of those diseases include heart disease, diabetes, a huge increase in cancer and the list goes on and on! This may be no surprise, since human beings didn’t evolve to digest these foods (to include wheat, oat, corn, barley, rice, quinoa and millet, dairy, legumes(beans), sugar or processed foods) that are shown to cause inflammtory responses within the body.
When these type of foods are ingested, which makes a huge percentage of the SAD, it wreaks havoc inside your body. It doesn’t happen over night (or it may since most auto-immune diseases are caused by these types of foods) but over a period of time. The top 4 out of 5 leading causes of death in the U.S are heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease and stroke….which could all easily be prevented through the Paleo diet. These diseases are reaching epidemic proportions in this country and world.
Most people that switch to this life style have no regrets and never look back. The benefits are so tremendous there is literally no reason to ever turn to the Standard American Diet again. Within the first few days you could notice you’ll have more energy (no more carb crashes). You’ll start to reverse the damage done inside your body from years of eating grains and processed foods. After a full 30-90 days of eating this way you’ll feel like a whole new person. This way of eating, the way our bodies evolved eating, could eliminate inflammation in your body which in return could reverse just about any autoimmune disease out there. You will get stronger and leaner, your performance in sports and daily life will thrive.
Please check back often because we will provide tricks, tips and information on how to do this ancient diet in modern world of genetically modified organics, factory farms and bold face lies. In addition, we will show you how we manipulate it for optimal health, fat loss, performance and power