Exciting stuff this week in both our training!!

    Great week for me. Keto moving along nicely. Incorporated 1 can of Coconut milk per day. Completely forgot to take pics yesterday. Sorry. Strength and recover are way up. 
    Workouts went well with Chains. Let more 5/8 chain suspend so it was heavier. SQ was 395X3. Felt great. Bench was 345×3,  then 365×2. Feeling Strong. Also proud to announce I figured out how to do a straight bar muscle up. Once I figured out the motion super easy!

    Very good week for me as well! I had been having some shoulder pain for awhile now and decided to go to Jamies massage therapist, in which I had been warned she doesn’t care how much pain your in while shes loosening a muscle. So as she was working on my shoulder and pec I was literally sweating from the pain. After icing and heating it all weekend, I think it may be starting to get better!! I still benched on Sunday, even though it hurt. I did reverse green band, which I had done the week before. This week I actually benched 20 lbs more!! So I was very happy about that. After yesterdays bench session, i’m totally ready for Vegas!

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