Keto Diet going awesome. Not sure if I’m getting any leaner at this point but feel great and recover quick. Quads seemed more striated though. Traps were huge but thats cause Shannon, (massage therapist)  hit them last week. Still blows my mind i’m not doing any cardio and staying or getting this lean. 


    Lifting is going very well. Doubled 455 in the SQ which is a 5lb pr. Got bent over a little but still muscled through it. Bench went awesome too. 385×2 then a long pause 370 after. Just making sure my opener is where I want it. 

Still happy with how my training has been going overall. On Friday I did reverse band deadlift and got 435, I was super happy with that! Worked bench up to my opener, its either going to be 402 or 407, I will know next week for sure. I have one more heavy squat workout, one more heavy bench workout and i’ll be good to go!! All my accessories have all been going well and getting stronger too, which is always a good thing! Almost jumping out of my skin in excitement!

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