Keto-Paleo Seminar @ The University of Michigan

Jan 7th

Keto-Paleo! Eat like you care about yourself!

“Advance Purchase Online $24.99, **$34.99 at the door**”

Come join us January 7th at the University of Michigan League building and learn about a way of heating that may not only help you lose some unwanted body fat but lead you to optimal health and performance.

Jamie will talk about

My Transformation

Paleo, Natural Human Diets, Hunter Gatherer Diets

Trouble with Grains and Dairy

Anti nutrients

Protein Mimicry

Ketogenic Diets

Fats, Lipids and Cholesterol

True Indicators of Heart Disease

How to be successful

How to set up your diet.

Holly Higgins

Will cover treating for conditions like Anxiety, Depression and even Gut Health

League Building at University of Michigan