This is what I am currently using for my Sqauat and Deadlift Routine getting ready for worlds.

This is a low percent day for me. By that I mean I don’t max out. I just work up to I feel a load & high volume work.
Deadlift. I do singles to about 405-455 no belt (comp Max is 580)
Manta Ray Squats, For volume (sets of 10) in the early months before a compeition Then as I get close I push triples
Good Mornings for volume. (Sets of 10)
Leg Extensions for volume. (Sets of 10)

Friday(Leg Day Bitches!)
Max effort squat, Triple, Double, Single over 3 week rotation in that order. I plan my training so the week before the meet I do the Triple.  
Then Pull 4″ off ground, 4″ deficit (standing on a box), then off the floor over the 3 week rotation.
GHR Against Weight, or Against bands. Rotate 3 weeks with each.
Reverse Hypers.

Morning after workout. Usually 2 sets of 20 on the 45 Degree Hyper ext. Just to push blood through the muscles.  

I get stronger on this program as long as I’m consistant. Which, in life, isn’t always easy.