Alright, were to begin? Well, let me just start off by saying I had a very exciting day….to say the least! I ended up breaking the WPC bench press world record for the open 165 wt. class. The previous record was 404 pounds (183.5 kilos) set by a russian woman in 2011. I benched 407 pounds (185 kilos) to take the record back to the U.S!

    The 407 was my first attempt-it was good…got 3 white lights.
My 2nd attempt was 418-no good. I locked the weight out (you can see in the video) but got red lights from the side judges for my butt coming up off the bench.
My 3rd attempt I tried 418 again and missed it. Just missed it at lock out, ran out of energy.
    Afterwards I was a little disappointed in missing the 418, it was a number I should have got. Now it only makes me want it even more.  
 Training starts next week for world championships in Las Vegas where i’m sure there will be a big showdown to defend my title! I will be keeping a training log on here for everyone to see my progress.  Lots of exciting things to come, the sky is the limit!

Check out my video of my 407 and my 2nd attempt of 418!