Many of you are familiar with the Board Press and use it quite often. This is a great accessory exercise for anyone trying to achieve a big bench. Whether it’s RAW or Equipped (wearing a bench shirt).

Board Press Buddies


Couple of the advantages it gives you is working with a sticking point in your range of motion with your bench press. If you are strong off your chest but hit a wall during your transition you can work that range with the appropriate board. 1 or 2. If your lockout is poor you can work in that range using a higher board.

After you realize what a great exercise this is, what will eventually happen is you will find yourself at the gym with no one to hold your boards for you while you try and perform this exercise. You’ll try to strap them down to your chest, tuck it under your shirt try and get some random person in the gym to hold them for you. All a pain in the ass.

Board Press Buddies

Something you can put together quick and ez yourself is what I’ve decided to call Board Press Buddies. I used 6″ Boards. Screwed them together. Used staple gun to secure the Velcro even though it was sticky on one side. It was the “Industrial Grade” stuff. I picked it up at Lowes. The Loop Lock aka Velcro is important. If you slam the bar back in the rack it will pop off and hit you in the face otherwise. Darilyn found out the hard way with the beta version. Ooops.

Check out the quick video on putting them on the bar as well as a safety tip.