Those of you who are familiar with the Paleo Diet will also know that many people define it differently. Some say Sweet Potatoes are allowed but same say no way. Some say Salt is allowed but some say no way. Some say Sword fish is allowed but how would cave man ever get it. I think you get the point.

keto-paleo, 50 shades of paleo, fifty shades of paleo

So I often joke with my friends and colleagues and refer to it as the 50 Shades of Paleo. This is a completely made up number system designating how serious you take the subject. Where a level 1 Paleo would be making every honest effort to eat all organic natural and hunt and gather as much as possible.  Where the other end of the spectrum would be Eating Paleo maybe 50% of the time, using every loophole in the system, or maybe just trying some of the things here and there.

So for fun if we catch a friend cheat on his diet we’ll try and call him out. Oh, look at Jamie there, hardcore level 1, didn’t know cave man could pluck those low carb protein bars from a tree?



Level 50?

The truth is no one is going to be able to go 100% Paleo. The best we could possibly do is, and I think Loren Crodain explains what we are trying to do best in his book The Paleo Answer: 7 Days to Lose Weight, Feel Great, Stay Young, and that’s “adopting a modern healthy diet and lifestyle consistent with out genetic heritage as hunter-gatherers” Because lets face it, unless you have a shopping cart and a time machine you are not going to have access to all our ancestors had. I personally had to lean into paleo, I started out just breakfast then worked my way up. I’d say most of the time I’m a good solid level 12! LOL

So, find what works for you. Find your level and work towards improvement until you find what works for your. Whether it be a body composition goal, performance at your sport of choice or your blood work shows improvement or  you just plain feel better. The point is you are making a positive chain towards improving your overall health. No matter what level you fall into.