I know a lot of you want to know how we did. So here is the low down on everything.

    What an eventful week! I’ll start off by Tuesday morning. I got in line to weigh-in at 7:30a.m even though weigh-ins didn’t start until 9. The line gets crazy long, and I wanted to eat! So once I made weight, 160.5, I went up to the buffet and had a huge plate of scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage. I knew I couldn’t over do it since I have to reweigh-in that Thursday. So I just ate normal, the rest of the day. 
    On Wednesday, it was the bench only day. I had same thing for breakfast, then went down to start warming up. I was on at 9 a.m so I had to start warming up early. Warm ups felt fine. Once I put my shirt on I usually do 315-3board, 365-1.5board and 390-.5board. All went good. My opener was 407, something I have hit many times. Long story short, I ended up bombing. Everything was great until my lockout. Like the last inch it would just stop. I do have an idea of what it may be, my bicep muscles are so tight, that I actually have a problem straightening my arms out because of it. I will be getting a deep tissue arm massage this week to fix that problem!
    Thursday I weighed in again, came in at 162.5. Ate a big breakfast and went out to explore the town. Looking back probably not the best idea to walk for multiple hours at a time, but hey it happens. Ate at ceasars buffet, amazing! Then went to a super fancy steakhouse for dinner, absolutely delicious! Called the Striphouse Steak House. I heard people say ‘oh this steak melts in your mouth’ I’ve never believed them…until now!
    Friday, full power day. Wasn’t my best meet, but I got a total and won best over all junior, so I’m not complaining. Ended up 485,391,352. 
    Warmups went well for the squats. But the platform monolifts were the metal kind that swung out backwards, and messed alot of people up. Also we were squatting on carpet, which once you lifted the weight up you sunk down. Not the best circumstances. I missed my opener of 474 because of depth, so I jumped it to 485. got it then missed 507 on my 3rd, was having trouble getting stable under the weight. 
    I lowered my bench opener after I had bombed on wednesday to 391, I haven’t opened under 400 in a few years now, but I wasn’t taking chances. I then ended up missing 402 and 407….again right at the lock out.
    Deadlift warm ups didn’t feel that well, so I lowered my opener to 352…something I knew id get super easy just to get the total. Then jumped to 380…I locked it out twice but got called for hitching. 
    As far as my diet went, I started out focusing on ketosis, very high fat, moderate protein and very low carbs. My goal was losing weight while getting stonger. About 7 weeks in I realized I wasnt losing weight like I had hoped to, so I decided to go back to original paleo. I brought my protein back up and dropped fat back down. Then I started feeling leaner. Through the whole 12 week training/diet cycle I never once felt worn out or exausted due to diet. If I ever did it was because of  tough training session and that was even rare. I had great recovery. I think next training cycle I will be sticking with just paleo the whole time and see how that goes, I think my body works the best when I eat that way.
    Until the end of the month I will be rehabing my body. No heavy weights and lots of massages. I trained long and hard for this meet and my body is screaming at me. I don’t have my next meet pick out yet. Once I figure that out I will be putting together a new training program that will start bring my bench up, along with my other lifts. Thank you all for the support and encouragement.

Well I have to say everything went really really well. My diet proved to be a suceess. I PR’d in my squat and my bench press. I think the short coming on my Deadlift, and not getting my 600lbs was related to my back tightening up on my last bench press. I think I may have been out of alignment as when that happens stuff off the floor is almost impossible. 
    Ok, Keto adapted. What I noticed. Recovery was wayyyyyy faster. My body used to scream for me to do an extra workout after a heavy lifting day. Meaning I’d feel sore and have to go down and push some blood through my muscles. I never felt that way in Ketosis. I would still do the extra workout but never felt like I had to. 
    My massage therapist said my body really, really responded well. Where she would have to spend an hour previously to get a muscle to relax now she could turn out a few muscles with in an hour session. 
    What amazed me the most was getting leaner without cardio and the ability to get stronger in ketosis!
    jamie Caporosso

    The day before I left I had my blood work done. I will create a separate post on that as soon as I get the results. I had my basic metabolic panel done, HDL, LDL, more importantly LDL density, Homcysteine, CoQ10 levels, testosterone, C-reactive protein. 
    When I approach my meet attempts I pick the number I want to get in the lift. I wanted to get the 474 sq. 468 was the previous comp best. so 474 is my 3rd, my body likes 20lbs jumps when I get near a max so I backed it up in ~20lb intervals for my 1st and 2nd. Also, with my training cycle I have a day where I max out on Triples. That usually correlates to what my opener is. So right around 435 good solid number to start with. 
    Same is true for my bench. I wanted to hit the 402 and but I had smaller jumps with the bench. Being a raw lifter. 10lbs can be a lot. I can’t just tighten up my Hanes Beefy-T and hope for a few more pounds. It’s all on me. 

    I want to thank Duncan Chiropractic, Shannon Miles, Matt Zweng, Cytosport, Friends and Family. Most Especially my partner in this Darilyn Doddy. Probably the best training partner I’ve ever had!

    We both had a great time training for this meet. We learned a lot in our experiments. Hopefull you all picked up and learned something helpful from us. Please stay tuned as we are going to attempt to find a balance between powerlifting and crossfit over the next few months.  

If you have any questions please email us at info@paleoforpower.com and we’d be happy to answer your questions in an upcoming post!