Not a whole lot to talk about this week. Training is still going well. I’m 2 weeks out from the meet in Columbus on the 23rd. I deadlifted for the last time until the meet on Friday. I kind of got my openers figured out. Thinking somewhere around 440 squat,425 bench,375 deadlift. 
    Diet is going good. I was bumped out of ketosis for a few days…thinking too many blueberries at one time did it, but i’m still not 100% sure on that. Looking forward to competing and getting excited for Vegas!
Training is going well. Strength coming along. 375×2, then 3brd work was 425×3. SQ 445×2, DL 2″ deficit. 475. (taking it easy till back catches back up) No pec pain and low back pain.  Got worked out by Shannon Miles. Hit my QL’s and lower erectors. (Psoas was last week) I may do a meet on OCT 6th and just do my openers for Vegas.
    Diet going well. Seem to swing in and out of Ketosis though. I think I get too much protein on occasion. I eat a big ass steak and not offset it with enough fat. or just simply the protein being processed to Glucose cause there is so much of it.  Body weights UP 212-213 but I notice different striations here and there. I had veins in my left quads Sunday night. *New dimples below my color bone. See pic below.

(Now keep in mind i’m not trying to lose any weight or fat. Not doing Cardio other than Hill sprints twice a week. Body building Cardio is crazy, just trains your body to store fat. Just keeping pics to see what happens.)  

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