Here we go. 10 weeks out. No more excuses.

Another great week. Strength is coming along.  I did have my back tighten up on me some but not enough to stop training to much. Squatted 405 for easy slow controlled triple. I did stop and not do the 425 as back was reminding me it was tight.  Bench is dialing in quickly board work was great. Pec and upper body feel great. I added Jcap Extentsions back to the workout. Made new handles. Stay tuned I’ll write up on those as well with pictures and how I made the handles and why they are important.  
    Learning much about what may or may not knock me out of ketosis. Gonna really try and dial in my macros this week. Ugh. Just tough to sit down and do that math. I’m being lazy. Sorry.

(sorry to make you suffer through these pix)

Training is all going very well for me. My equipment is getting dialed in much faster than expected which is always a good thing! While squatting on Friday I ended up taking 500lbs for a ride. Didn’t hit depth, being my briefs are still crazy tight, but I’m very happy I went down and up with it with good speed. Bench is coming along only 3rd time in the shirt hit and very easy 425 off a half board then did some lockout work with the 2.5 board and ended up hitting 475 and just missing 495.
Ever find when dieting you find that one thing you tell your self its okay to eat…so you eat alot of it. Well I did that this weekend..not going to share what the food was lol. I didn’t fall of the wagon or anything i’m still high in ketosis. Luckily I realized it quickly and have gone back to my normal strict diet. 3 weeks out from my little warm up meet in columbus!

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