Well 25 Weeks into it. Feel great! Still getting Stronger. I have to say the only thing I have to worry about is working so hard I get injured. My recovery from workout is phenomenal and energy levels are high. Quite often I have to hold myself back a little to avoid injury. Or try to push on when I know I should give myself a little break. 

    Most recent accomplishment is my 10 reps at 315lbs on the bench press. Now let me be clear. I know this is not a ton of weight. I’m not bragging about that. Especially for you younger guys and if you are on Vitamin “S”. That is not my point. What I would like to point out is that I’m 40, 210lbs, life time drug free (no HRT), not new at this, I have been in Ketosis for 25 weeks, lean as hell and still getting stronger.

This weeks workout is my volume day, not my Max effort Day.

10 45#(bar)
10 45#(bar)
10 x 95#
10 x 135#
10 x 185#
10 x 225#
10 x 275#
10 x 315#pr
6 x 345#pr
3 x 365#pr

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