Typical Paleo Food Log for Jamie

This is an early post when I started down the Paleo pathway. I was not very well versed in the Keto world yet but I feel worth keeping up here…

I was going to do typical food log over 3 days but my diet doesn’t change a whole lot. Once you get over the idea of food as entertainment you can just eat whatever. I do throw a cheat meal in on Sunday night. This has evolved quite a bit. It used to be two cheat days. Thursday and Sunday. Now it’s most often ice cream Sunday night. It used to be whatever but I found if I eat something that will dissolve it won’t hang out in my guts/intestines for 3 days like pizza. And I can get back on track Monday morning.

1 cup of Grapes or Apple with cinnamon
1 tablespoon Almond Butter
3 Whole eggs, Cooked over easy
1 cup of Egg whites with some Basil

Mongolian or Chinese Buffet (this happens a lot cause I’m on the road)
They have an hibachi Grill or Mongolian style grill
I just put a huge bowl of meat and veggies and have them cook it
Sometimes two bowls
I hit a Coney island and get eggs, bacon side of fruit. They usually have an omelet loaded with meat.
If I’m being good I say no cheese or just a little cheese.
Put Franks Red hot on it
Usually a side of bacon.
In a pinch and I’m on the road. I like Wendy’s Salads. No dressing. You can have them add extra chicken if you want.   (or really cheat and get  a small nuggets)
When I’m taking a customer to a nicer lunch or dinner. I usually get a steak, a green veggie and a  Caesar salad and don’t eat the croutons.

Grab a couple of Chicken breasts (this meal is usually in my cooler or sometimes gets skipped)
Maybe some Walnuts
*What I have done when i’m being really strict and forgot grab something. I’ve gone as far as order to grilled chicken sandwiches at a drive through and throw out the bun.

Either more Chicken, or if I thawed out some Grass fed beef Ill grill it
I usually buy half a cow at a time to save $$$
If I don’t want to cook I’ll stop at Meijers on the way home and get one of those broasted chickens for 6 bucks. Maybe some veggies with it.

Usually 4 whole eggs cooked over easy.
Sometimes I’ll have some King Oscars Herring

Snacking: If I’m doing a drive by in the kitchen, I usually reach for cashews or Walnuts.

Now I realize this whole thing is far from true blue Paleo. Definitely falls into the 50 shades of Paleo somewhere. If that were the case it would be all range fed, grass finished and organic. You should strive to do so if you can.  Quite often though I like to say your body knows better how to handle a low nutritional piece of meat than it does grains. Also, one of the biggest problems with modern diet is it is constantly causing our body to dump insulin. Causing a host of modern inflammatory diseases. Most of the foods above hardly do that.