Lots of good stuff this week! admittedly, ketosis diet is tough!

    Training is going well still. Squatted with Chains. I’m going to do this for 3 weeks through this cycle. Started with Triples 395×3 with 1-5/8 chain added to each side. Bench, I forgot I was going to do that half way into workout. Ooops. LOL. it happens. but I got (365-x3) and 2 brd was (400×3), Cardio fell off. I have been dealing with allergies. Havne’t done anything cardio or hills sprints in a while actually.   
    Keto diet is going well. Its not easy though. I really long for the ease of  regular Paleo. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m getting stronger, leaner and feel better I would have shit canned it back to normal. Ugh. Tough though. Temptation all over. Discovered Coconut milk. High in Fat, put it in the blender with ice. Tasty.

ok, so I have a hard time flexing in my underwear, but…. I can be funny in my underwear, hence the Angry Birds LOLOLOL Didn’t have my posing coach Aaron Wilson this week either. I’m sure I’m forgetting to flex something in this photo.

Well yesterday I did the Ohio state meet in Columbus. Some things went really well other not so much.My squats went extremely well! Opened with 445…super easy, second attempt 475…still easy, then took 500 for a ride….and still had alot left in the tank. First time attempting 500 in a meet and its a 45lb meet PR! Check out the video below! Then came the benching….I’ll just get that over with and say I bombed. I got a new bench shirt, was my 5th time in it. My last warm up was 395 to a 1/2 bd and it was kind of tough….wasn’t getting any pop out of the shirt. So I lowered my opener 5 lbs to 410.  Almost got the 410, it was moving very slowly then right at the top ended up hitting the rack. Next attempt, went like off to the side. and third attempt bumped it to 415 and didn’t move it much. Needless to say I’ll be training my head off the next 7 weeks until Vegas! Thank you to Bob for helping me yesterday and Joe for being a great head judge, also to triple X for supporting me and Rudy rosales for making great powerlifting gear! 
    Also, wanted to point out…this is the first competition I didn’t have any junk food before or after the meet. Alot of times in the past i’d eat cookies, cakes ,candy (looking back probably thee worst thing to do) or after Id eat some sort of dessert to celebrate. This time around ate great. Haven’t barley had a single carb (besides a few veggies and maybe some berries here and there) Since August 11th. Just goes to show you don’t need that stuff to hit giant PRs!

Darilyns 500lb Sq Ohio State Open, 9/24/2012 <click link to see vid

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