I’m getting more and more excited as the meet gets closer! I decieded to switch my bench shirt and go back to my original one. Switching shirts 4 weeks out usually isnt recommended, but knowing i’ll be able to atleast get a lift in makes me more confident going in. So this week For bench I did reverse bands. Ended up doing 7 full range singles…trying to change up my set up a bit, and I think I finally got it right! Squats went well too, I hit 475 off a box. I’m happy with that. Nearing the end, and i’m more focused than ever now!

    Another good week!. Keto is going great. I add on whole can of Coconut milk per day. That seems to work well for keeping SAT fat high and staying in the Paleo criteria. Lean as hell. Just crazy. 

    Workouts awesome. I’m going to do Squats and Bench with Chains one more time for my Triples to try and beat my first set of Tripes numbers. Then 3 weeks of Straight weight till Vegas. Did a Single with 385 with 5/8 Chain. and 2brd 425×3 and a 445×2. Squat was 425 with 5/8 chain. DL I ended up with 525 but felt good as my dumbass is not blowing off my abs again.