I’m one week out from my meet in columbus. Tested my openers for squat and bench this week. Squat is going to be 445 and bench will be 415-425 (depends on how my shirt is fitting that day) Looking forward to competing! After that competition it will be a 100% focus on Vegas. I’ll be giving it my all and fighting for every pound here on my home turf. Keep checking back as we can closer to see how my training and diet goes!
Good week for us. Workouts are coming along. Hit a solid 470 sq. Bench was a solid 410, with 4brd work being a triple at 445. Can’t ask for much better 8 weeks out. I’ll go throug my cycle 2 more times before works. Added the Jcap Extension. Custom handles will be available to you guys soon. Wait for the post this week.
    Diet is going well. body weight is about the same. 211-212 but seem to be getting really lean and Vascular. 

(noticed a split in my trap this week….crazy!)

    Keto is challenging. Meaning I like to hit a cheat meal once week in a while when I’m doing regular Paleo and that can be a high carb whateter. But while in Ketosis or beign keto-adapted you can really fuck that up if you aren’t careful. So I still try but its more keto friendly non Paleo. Usually a bunch of whipping cream in a blender with Ice, strawberries, cinnamon. Bout the best I can do without threatening my Ketosis. 

Darilyn and I would also like to thank Flint Barbell this week. Helped me with a max effort Bench Day as my main lift off guy was tied up working. If you need a hard core gym and in the Flint area, look them up. Great guys! Great gym! 

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to answer your questions in an upcoming post!