After yesterdays post “Stop carbloading! Theres a better way” I had a few questions on how do you actually get into ketosis. With what types and how much of what foods do you need to eat.

A typical day for me is:

7:30a.m 3 or 4 wholes eggs cooked in 1 TBSP of butter or 1 TBSP of olive oil
10a.m 2oz of Ground beef (75% lean 25% fat)
1p.m 4oz of chicken and 1/4 avocado
4p.m either 4oz of ground beef or 4 oz of sausage
7p.m 4 whole eggs in TBSP of Butter or olive oil

This is 1450 cals.   10g carbs, 112g of fat and 90g of protein

I have been eating like this for 2 weeks now and have noticed my recovery from my sprints is getting wayyyy better than when I started them about a month ago, also recovery between sets at the gym is almost instant. On speed squat/deadlift day Im ready for my next set right away! Also, with weight loss being my goal i’m down over 6 lbs!

To figure out what works for you,you first have to know what your goal is. Weight loss, maintain or gaining weight. Once that is decided know that 70-85% of your calories should come from fat (either monounsaturated or unsaturated) good sources are  animals fats, ground beef, sausage, bacon, fattier cut of steak, olive oil, coconut oil, butter, ect.  Fats to avoid are Polyunsaturated fats…your vegetable oil and canola oils.
Now one main thing that many people forget or sometimes struggle with is Protein intake. You have to make sure you aren’t getting too much protein because some of the amino acids turn into glucose in the body…which will knock you right out of ketosis. Keep Protein at around 20% of your calories intake. This may be a struggle at first since your trying to keep the protein lower with fat higher but it is doable.
As for carbs keep them under 50 grams. Ever look at the carb count in veggies? you’re able to eat quite a bit and still maintain ketosis. Once again avoid grains or legumes. But just about all veggies are okay and only fruits such as all berries are okay to have. Carbs just fill in the last % of your calories may only be around 5% or so.

When planning your meals focus on the fat then plan around it. An easy way to create different meals is a little bit of protein (3-6oz) (eggs, chicken steak, pork,ect) then cook them or cover them with alot of fat (olive oil, coconut oil or butter) the ratio always works out pretty good.

Getting keto-adapted takes about 2-4 weeks before you start using fat as energy.